9 Things you NEED to try on your Xbox One

9 Things you NEED to try on your Xbox One


9 Things you NEED to try on your Xbox One

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Ellen and Benny run through their list of all the things your Xbox One can do, from custom soundtracks to using your phone as a remote. How any of these have you tried?


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This is the first episode in a video series titled “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Xbox One”. It has tips, tricks, feature overviews, and other interesting information about your Xbox One.

-The Sandwich Button

Replacing the old start button that we had become so fond of, the Sandwich Button on the Xbox One controller offers a lot more flexibility as a dynamic input as opposed to what we had seen start buttons used for in the past. Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s renamed, but the sandwich buttons allows users more options.

One of the most commonly used functions of the sandwich button on the Xbox One is closing out of games or apps that are frozen or not functioning as intended. The easiest way to do this is by highlighting a game or application when on the main menu, pressing the sandwich button, and then selecting Close from the list of options that become available on the pop-up modal.

The sandwich button doesn’t just close out games however. You can also use the sandwich button to access other features such as: pinning games/apps to the start menu, managing downloads/game installations, or using it to access the help feature.

Gameshare (Or Game Sharing)

Gamingshare (or Game Sharing), is a feature that Microsoft released for the Xbox One that allows two different people to share Xbox One games without a disc. By signing in to a friend or family members Xbox and making it “My Home Xbox’, they will get to play any games you have bought regardless of whether you are signed in with your account or not.

For a more detailed overview and instructions on how to enable game sharing, check out this post on XboxDIY.com

How to Share Games on Xbox One Using Gameshare

-Recording without a Kinect (On the Go Recording)

If you don’t have a Kinect, or are looking for a more friendly way to record your game footage or snap screenshots, the latest Windows 10 update for Xbox One allows you to access these features by pressing a few quick buttons.

In order to access these features, you have to double tap the Xbox Home button. After double tapping the Home Button, you can either hit ‘Y’ to save a screenshot, or ‘X’ to record game footage. By default, the Xbox One records 30 seconds of game play unless you use the recording features available through the Game DVR app.

Clearing the Cache on Your Xbox One

If your Xbox One is running slow, the internet isn’t working, or if you’re having problems with one of your games, shutting down and clearing the cache on your Xbox One can help resolve some of these problems. Much like rebooting a computer, properly shutting down your Xbox One and clearing the cache can help with a multitude of different issues.

Clearing the cache and properly shutting down your Xbox One is simple: after you’ve powered your Xbox One down, hold the Xbox button on the front of the Xbox One for 10 seconds. The light on your power brick will flash orange, back to white, and then will switch permanently to orange to signal the Xbox One is in a standby state.

Using the Xbox Smart Glass Mobile App

If you haven’t already used the Xbox Smart Glass App for your mobile device, you’re missing out. The Xbox Smart Glass app for Xbox One allows you to control your Xbox One with your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.).

You can take advantage of features such as watching recorded game clips on your phone, browsing the Xbox Store, or using your mobile device as a virtual keyboard.

**Make sure your mobile device is connected to the same network as your Xbox One.

Disassemble Your Xbox One Controller (Series):

Fix Your Scratched and Damaged Discs:

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    Just got an xbox one s yesterday and it legit took from 7 at night till 4 in the Morning to download halo 5 ugh my ps4 downloads better but I like the interface so far!

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    Really love Ellen…(^^) anyone else?

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    Xbox one dash sucks arse

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    if you have a computer keyboard plug it in on your Xbox one and you can use a keyboard in stead of a Xbox controller it makes typing a lot easier

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    Damn I didnt know you could do all this like record gameplay and take screen shots, I want my Xbox back now lol

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    I hate it when people refer to Android as Galaxy. Samsung isn't the entirety of Android

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    Where is the sandwich button?

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    My Xbox won't record my X button has disappeared SOMEONE HELP

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    5 things you KNOW about your xbox one

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    Just recently checked out your channel, I like what you're doing here! earned a sub from me, keep up the work!

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    what will happen if i clear my caches?what am i gona lose?

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    i wish we could play games without the disc. from time to tume my xbox one will glitch and go blue screen. and right back to home. i can literally play any game that i own with a disc".. without a disc. keep in mind the games you use with a disc are already downloaded on to my xbox obviously. but shit like that. i mean the xbox one is fully capable of doing so yet when you try from time to time is askss. do you own this game or app? well yeah you fucking stuoid machine its downloaded on your hardrive? so when you see the ignorant message that some asshole from microsoft tech team scripted and you KNOW ITS BULLSHIT. really shows you what MS is about… fucking you in the ass!!

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    You can also take Screenshots and Record right from the SmartGlass. very nice since the double tapping is annoying sometimes for me. Nice video man.

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    when I double tap to take a screenshot
    it doesn't show x & y

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    Question would learning my cache with that manual technique fix my NAT Type by any chance? like basically what would it solve or do?

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