9Dragons The Free Online MMORPG

9Dragons The Free Online MMORPG


9Dragons The Free Online MMORPG

Sorry for the audio swap.

The new website for this game: http://9dragons.gamescampus.com/
Yes it still is online. Scroll down for description.

ATTENTION! Windows 7 users this game as tested on a Win 7 PC does work, on your system. With a few easy clicks it will work. Please contact me on my youtube. The source of the problem is just a shortcut issue.

9Dragons is a free online MMORPG with Martial Arts style attacks. it has a huge world lots of quests and extremely awesome graphics one of the best MMORPGs I’ve seen.

Don’t be turned away thinking this game is to hard it’s not. Its loads easyer then other games like Mabinogi. But don’t think this game is to easy either it’s not. This is a Rated T game so it’s not kiddieish and lame.
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Nine Dragons (9Dragons) - Literally The Worst MMORPG Ever. I'M NOT KIDDING!

So I’m not even kidding when I say this is one of the worst MMORPGs I’ve ever played. It was just.. so, so bad. There wasn’t a single redeeming quality about the game (I’m sorry for all you 9Dragons fans out there that will inevitably take offense to this.)

We tried. We honestly tried. We just couldn’t keep going on with it, though. Everything about the game was so plain, so bland, so boring. Combat was slow, really slow, and very clunky. Graphics were pretty bad, music kept just disappearing out of nowhere leaving us with just the sound of our voices, and the quests took forever to accomplish.

So, yes. All in all – very unpleasant experience. Would definitely not recommend this game to anyone. Ever.

Is Nine Dragons the best MMORPG? It’s by far one of the worst we’ve ever played!

Nine Dragons is a Free to play (f2p) MMORPG.

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Outro: Rameses B – Beside You (feat. Soundr) http://bit.ly/2bPfGTP
Video Rating: / 5

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40 Responses to “9Dragons The Free Online MMORPG”

  1. goten259 dice:

    @Rubeytuesday95 Yeah have u ever seen the music vid for some of the songs? 3D kyropterin (prob didn't spell that right XD)

  2. goten259 dice:

    @monkeyutluffy Sadly no. I couldn't wasn't able to transfer because u had to mark ur account for transfer then wait for the stupid button so yeah gamersfirst is just as stupid as accliam was I guess they didn't send an email or nothing

  3. christ thomas dice:

    can i still transfer?

  4. goten259 dice:

    NOTICE TO ALL PLAYERS: 9Dragons is not gone it is has moved to gamescampus but u gotta hurry if u wanna transfer ur account the transfer button is suppose to be up tomorrow (Sunday, September 18, 2011) oh to check out the notice for urself go to the main page (Homepage) hover over the event tab then click notices in the drop-box oh yeah u gotta download the client from their site too the old client doesn't look like it's going to work

  5. goten259 dice:

    @boang30 Nah it's not gone it got moved to gamescampus. c o m but u gotta hurry if u wanna transfer ur account the transfer button is suppose to be up tomorrow (Sunday, September 18, 2011) oh to check out the notice for urself go to the main page (Homepage) hover over the event tab then click notices in the drop-box

  6. boang30 dice:

    9dragons is gone forever 🙁
    i think 🙁

  7. TheKaruse dice:

    Check out my 9Dragons Video aswell! 🙂

  8. goten259 dice:

    @ghostfanic Actually I tried to reclaim my character but it said the same thing I did a little research and heard that acclaim was being jerky about it shutting down servers that had character information and stuff on them I think XD but don't know why they still even have that link up

  9. goten259 dice:

    @ghostfanic Yeah I know lol the computer that I play the game on and recorded this vid on is running vista XD I had to reinstall vista and hence redownload and the game and install it seemed to still have the shortcut issue though XD anyway about win 7 it worked on a netbook running win 7 but after my brother played awhile into the game it stopped working but that's prob cuz it's a netbook not a very powerful computer XD it met most of the specs we think the prob was in the graphics card lol

  10. goten259 dice:

    @ghostfanic Hey are you sure it does not work? I know that on win vista the desktop icon is not directed correctly so u have to go into the main program file on the hard drive then launch it from there if u need any help i would be glad too i do not know how extensive ur computer know how is but u can also right-click and drag and create a short cut of the application file it's really not confusing or anything just a couple clicks

  11. goten259 dice:

    @ThoseDamnGuys Well it's a lot more easy then leveling on Mabinogi Lol.

  12. goten259 dice:

    @runekool5 Lol. Where at?

  13. JackDanielsCHS08 dice:

    do you think ppl really pay attention to the age restriction?

  14. Scrawler93 dice:

    It was fun…now alot of the veterans quited…

  15. goten259 dice:

    I just wanted to tell you the truth about the rating it's really rated 13+ either JaejaezX1 is a hater or he just doesn't know what he's Talking about because 2 Moons is rated 17+ the Proof is at the new player reg. Page on the website

  16. goten259 dice:

    It wasn't when i started playing Lol.

  17. Jaez dice:

    dude goten -.- your saying "cool awesome" too much it gets annoying…. and besides you arent old enough for this =.= its for 17+

  18. Jaez dice:

    Hmmmm looks nice and 12 skys isnt all that i've tried it i dont know where the hell im supposed to go and plus there are money spammers i cant do nothing but this looks pretty good 9D overall the rating to me is 8/10 on graphics 10/10 on gameplay ^^

  19. goten259 dice:

    Did you create an account on the website?

  20. MMOByte dice:

    The game might be the worst thing we've ever played. It was so, so, so boring.
    And the worst part? WE DIDN'T EVEN SEE A DRAGON!

  21. Teghiu Mihai dice:

    the game is great u make lvl up and game will be fun

  22. Spectre dice:

    hey ass face you need to check pvp if u want to feel this game. check other videos. this is one of the best game ever

  23. Krzysztof Maziak dice:

    Havent done tutorial bit which takes 3 minutes , havent chosen clan nether role . And Making opinions hmmm kind of cunt of u

  24. Master Mason dice:

    This dumb … you don't even know what to do..

  25. blabla blabla dice:

    If they were to try the game like it was on acclaim days, with the 6 different starter's quest line instead of this silly bamboo thing, they wouldn't dislike it. The problem of this game is not that it's old and outdated, is that it's screwed up. Veteran players still love it because they know how it was and understand it, but new players who comes to see it and take a look at all the stupid things they've made can't do other than put it aside.

  26. Saulius Adomaitis dice:

    First, learn how to use skills and techniques, you were just making jokes and not playing the actual game.
    No constructive criticism at all. Please do NOT make any more videos about any other game.

  27. blabla blabla dice:

    This is because Bamboo Village ruined the first part of the game >_>

  28. Recoil gm dice:

    Its not the fucking worst you retard its amazing

  29. all russians are dalbajobs dice:

    loser sjw faggots probably both are trannies crying cause they suck lol go neck urselves wastes of O2

  30. Kamui Katsu dice:

    Wait, so haven't even finished the starter quests? Wow! So, when you meet a person you think they are boring by how they say hi?!? Try choosing a clan at least, getting the first skills, clothes, quests. Bamboo is like the tutorial map. You get bored at the tutorial map? Yeah, graphics are outdated since it's a 2005 MMO and still finding publishers and many players. Icy music is awesome, Kunlun is even better. YOU GOT BORED? just with bamboo map?

  31. Ansen Thomas Cesar Judit dice:

    kids today will never enjoy games from before due to the difference in graphics. This is one of the best game during the days and is massive clan based pvp….loved playing the beggar sect due to drunken master style. I remember the first time I pick up the run skill which was awesome but little did I know there was an upgrade which was even awesome. The combos are also awesome. As a game reviewer, you should take into consideration the date of the game and avoid comparing it to new unreal engine powered games.

    I'm not really a fan of 9dragons as I knew this game really late after its glory but I still enjoyed it and comparing this to the games during that time, this was awesome.

  32. johannap73 dice:

    ok so you have started your character and didnt even get out of bamboo village.. Not a very good review on a game that has been going and highly followed since 2007 when you only spend 1 hour on it.. yes the first few levels are a little boring for someone who might not have played the game before, but once you start heading to the other maps and fighting different mobs that are on the maps, doing quests that help you level up, then doing dungeon runs and gaining epithets and building your character, it starts to get to you get under your skin in a way that makes you want to play more.. learning skills that you level up and become stronger, warriors with their strength, nukers with skills that they dont even need to get close to a mob to kill, healers who help with keeping team mates alive, hybrids which have melee and nuker skills and healer skills( best of both worlds if that is your thing). and then there is the community getting groups of people together to do dungeon runs where you can gain clothing, weapons, oriments to help build your characters, it is actually a pretty good game… many people have been following this game since acclaim days, restarting their characters many times over… Please dont take one persons negative review on a game when there are so many people who have loved and still do love this game there is a big world in 9dragon not just getting to LS8 when there are over 220 levels.I understand this is your opinion but if you come back into game get into a league stick with it for 1 month and you will learn much more then just 8 levels…also forget about the old style graphics, its the game and the community that make this game what it is… and i am yet to find another mmorpg that i like as much as this one, i keep coming back to 9D time and time again, i keep saying every time it closes down never again but yet here i am again with 9Dragons Awaken and still loving the game after over 10 years of playing it… Give it a real go and then do another review after a month or two of actually playing the game and getting involved with a league…..

  33. Dark Alan dice:

    You literally did nothing to progress in the game (level up, leave this map, pick a role, pvp, etc), anyone on the planet would call it the worst if it was limited to sitting around in one small (beginner) map, which is exactly what you fucktards did. Check some 9D videos to see what it's like later on, then you can call it the worst but you'd be wrong.

  34. DrippinAnts dice:

    No disrespect to these youtubers, but im very glad to see the 9dragons community still defend this game. I loved this game when it came out and I still play occasionaly. HEAVENLY DEMON CLAN SINCE THE BEGINNING.

  35. Jonathon Starmer dice:

    this is no where near a bad mmo rpg…the depth that this games gives the player, when it comes to skills and player development are still some of the best. And how can someone jobs a game by the way it looks when WoW literally looks like it was animated by children. But does that stop people from playing it no. And its been an experience of mine, to never take someone who dyes their hair, seriously. Gamers these days are just like politicans, they are two faced and will literally say anything to get views.

  36. StripWomen dice:

    Spoiler alert. The game is really grindy, unlike other mmorpgs where you can just complete quests to level up. And it will take you a while to get to level 25 when you chose your class. Anyway, old, but really fun game. Definetly not the worst out there 😀

  37. Tenzin TSERING dice:

    15 years old mmorpg…. i was done this shït 10 years ago.. My lvl was immortal.. figure out.. noobs.

  38. Being Thug BD dice:

    play for 1month u will understand it is fucking shit game or not u stupid azz hole…. i have played this game for 8 years and if i can say this one is most epic game ever to me…. i have more played mmo game than u… fucking bastardz youtuber

  39. Ferhat Acheron dice:

    you cant understand… you havent brain.

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