Forza Horizon 3 Steering Wheel Drifting Xbox One Review! My Wheel Setup and Wheel Settings! GUIDE!

Forza Horizon 3 Steering Wheel Drifting Xbox One Review! My Wheel Setup and Wheel Settings! GUIDE!

Forza Horizon 3 Steering Wheel Drifting Xbox One Review! My Wheel Setup and Wheel Settings! GUIDE!

My steering wheel:

Today I have some Forza Horizon 3 Steering wheel gameplay for Xbox One! I ask the question, is it easier in Forza Horizon 3 to drift with a steering wheel than a controller? Find out in today’s video. Hopefully this should help you guys with your steering wheel settings and setup, if you haven’t bought a steering wheel yet this steering wheel video will show you come of the pro and cons of being a wheel owner! I plan to do much more forza horizon 3 drifting with a wheel so stay tuned to my channel!

My Wheel: Thrustmaster TMX
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What I use to record my gameplay

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Ferrari 458 Spider Xbox One Racing Wheel

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40 Responses to “Forza Horizon 3 Steering Wheel Drifting Xbox One Review! My Wheel Setup and Wheel Settings! GUIDE!”

  1. Thesuperv12 dice:

    no way your rotation is 900

  2. raven dice:

    Controller is better B

  3. LAR Processing dice:

    which better wheel g27 or this?

  4. Simple Zappy dice:

    I felt the understeer in forza 6

  5. Noels Lifestyle dice:

    Im like to drift with a sreering wheel im 10 years old and drifting okey

  6. NNEZZIE dice:

    Love reading how everyone is a pro wheel drifter Love to see there rig set up !!

  7. Unai Caballero dice:

    With such short rotation is very easy, but with 900 degree it can be a hell

  8. ClassiCz hero dice:

    what car is that?

  9. Jimmy Åkesson dice:

    Ok so I have the logitech g920 and its a fucking nightmare to play forza with, the force feedback sucks, rotation sucks and the handling is so fucked up its impossible to play with, i have had the wheel 6 months now and you are probably 10 times better than me when it comes to drifting.

  10. Soleimsen dice:

    the wheels lock out with under 100 degrees. That wheel is 180 or 270 lol

  11. Alex Nicholson dice:

    I drift with a wheel

  12. Cobey Rivera dice:

    I just want to know what car he driving😂

  13. rooneye dice:

    You keep swapping with the controller every 20 mins? This vid is from December 2016 so is that still the case today in June 2017? Since I got my wheel I've been playing with that 100% of the time, still learning ofc. but it's starting to feel really natural, I would say I'm better with the wheel now than with the controller (still not great compared with others ^_^).

  14. Mineldo Albania dice:

    i wish i could get one like that

  15. ExtremeBassLine dice:

    you're saying using a wheel doesn't help you drift better, yet you barely used it.

  16. Paul Woodroffe dice:

    you're drifting with open diff – props

  17. Arturia Pendragon dice:

    On the topic of understeer

    If you turn on the diagnostics on the controller settings, the first page shows steering input. While moving at ang considerable speed the input barely moves at all because youll get some sort of slippage that has a proper name, so try not giving it much input and i bet itll help with the understeer problem, id assume they did that so we can rake turns fast with a pad and not have to worry about moving it a tiny degree to take a turn, as you said its easier to explore the lock of the vehicle with a wheel so they probably didnt add that "safety" feature
    Tl;dr dont turn the wheel very much while racing

  18. WayTooCoolGaming dice:

    What car were you driving

  19. SentryFun dice:

    I do video aswell

  20. Beast Gaming dice:

    Just got my thrustmaster TMX racing wheel yesterday I'm still trying to learn how to drive with it I getting a table to clamp it on hope it will be somewhat easier

  21. The Gaming Turtle dice:

    I have the same monitor and steering wheel!!

  22. slime block dice:

    Does it work with the Xbox one s?

  23. Pozzezzedboyz dice:

    I'm getting it for Christmas and getting an Xbox one for my birthday I used my friends 458 spider wheel with forza 5 with manual and the Lamborghini aventador…….so good 😃😃

  24. MOONIO14 dice:

    I found out cronmax and idk how to use it

  25. MOONIO14 dice:

    does it work on pc? PLEASE HELP

  26. Wolf King Vlogs dice:

    I have it

  27. Savitard Gt dice:

    what games can u play with this thrustmqster?

  28. Ivan Wong dice:

    how much angle can the wheel turns?

  29. Shadow 119335 dice:

    Does this work on gtav

  30. Onur Doganay dice:

    Does it works pc ?

  31. Tk HOP dice:

    Does it work on pc?

  32. Jhon Vasconcelos dice:

    It is compatible with the gear (Change) Th8a ??? Pls reply to me

  33. nightmare gamers dice:

    How do you Handbrake?

  34. Baylor Carnes dice:

    Is it made just for Xbox?

  35. the Diamond DJ dice:

    I'm flipping g getting that!!!

  36. RobloxGirl dice:

    How do u adjust the wheel so it's more looser??

  37. Maruf2021 dice:

    How Many Degrees Does It Spin?

  38. DionDW dice:

    How do u get it to connect to the game it won't work for me

  39. NamelesS TM dice:

    Can we add a H shifter??

  40. AdventuresWithAlan dice:

    I think this is pc compatible? if you look up HenrikM his older videos uses this

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