Gears of war and quantum break bundle unboxing

Gears of war and quantum break bundle unboxing

I unbox and compare The quantum break and gears of war Xbox one bundles to help you choose the right one for you
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White Quantum Break XBOX ONE Bundle - Unboxing

New, white XBOX ONE with 500 GB HDD and Quantum Break!

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6 Responses to “Gears of war and quantum break bundle unboxing”

  1. Colin Dollaway dice:

    ive bought the quantam break limited edition 2 days ago and it did not came with alan wake and quantam break digital download code 😢😢😢now i spent my last bit of cash on the console with anticipation that i was getting 2 games to play but i didnt and i tweeted to Microsoft of twitter twice but no reply

  2. miguel 1990 dice:

    I kept both I couldn't let either one go 😂👍🏻

  3. Alberto González dice:

    I would, without hesitation, buy the Quantum Break/Alan Wake bundle!

  4. UnlimitedProduction1 dice:

    I got a 3tb hard drive with my white Xbox One. The 500gb that comes with the white Xbox One fills up after like 8 or 9 games.

  5. Donald Trump dice:

    I'm geting this Friday can't wait also I subed enjoyed the video

  6. Nucky Anime dice:

    I never saw one be for and now i have ")

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