Halo 5 Multiplayer [Part 67] – Stealthy Nerfs of a Non-Super Avenger!

Halo 5 Multiplayer [Part 67] – Stealthy Nerfs of a Non-Super Avenger!

Glaciercano faces off against the world in a multiplayer that may finally be a bit too much to handle alone… But screw positivity, this is Halo 5! 😉

In this episode, I get into another Warzone match! I finally get onto the good side of the Sanghelios map of sorts, but is that enough for love and admiration of the other team? Stay tuned to find out! (and see me get wrecked)

I go -2 in this video, so slightly better than last Warzone, but still not bad with all those A.I. kills! Totally!!

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Neolith – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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9 Responses to “Halo 5 Multiplayer [Part 67] – Stealthy Nerfs of a Non-Super Avenger!”

  1. tj1990 dice:

    6:24 i bet you didn't realize thats the ruins of an old halo map from halo 2. map is warlock.

  2. STAR Man dice:

    I now hate my PS4 I really need an Xbox one now!!!

  3. gabe cortez dice:

    You are cool

  4. Ahyan Iqbal dice:

    Idk if it's me, but you talk too much. All I hear is your annoying voice and can't even hear the game. Plz
    Shut up

  5. jonny gage dice:

    I love halo 5!

  6. Velocity Halo dice:

    1v1 me mate

  7. Trey Heywood dice:

    I don't know if you realized but they lowered the required req level of a lot of weapons and vehicles not to long ago. Like for example the banshee used to be level 6 now It's level 5

  8. LMNOP QRS dice:

    my family is financially depressed

  9. Glaciercano dice:

    6:09 – It's true you know 😉

    And I just noticed that Tyler Shaw is less famous than I thought…. That's the power of the CRTC, man –forcing you to constantly listen to Canadian artists whether they are making it big or not! lol

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