PS4 Longplay [007] The Last of Us Remastered (part 4 of 9)

Played by: boneofhead

Full 1080p run of main game and dlc with all collectibles (for some reason trophy glitched when picked up the last one but I did collect and show all collectables), optional conversations and Ellie’s jokes.

Fantastic game with one of the best stories iv played through, still enjoyed playing through for the 4th time once i got the remastered version on PS4.
You can probably tell from the longplay I fall into the brick camp 🙂

Did have a couple of issues with RECentral crashing and taking 2 hour captures with it at a time and having to replay entire chapters. Unfortunately this meant I did miss 1 shiv door near the start of bills town when doing the recapture, just after you see the first trip mine goes off before you climb up the ladder onto the truck. For the most part I was able to edit around the issues this caused but there was one really nasty capture fail right in the middle of Pittsburgh, sorry but I just couldn’t replay the entire chapter again for the 3rd time that really was driving me nuts.
I did come across an odd glitch in the game also which I don’t remember ever happening on PS3 version where the npc’s didn’t trigger properly when you entered an area this is most noticeable in part 6 around 18:00, this did force a death as all exits were observed by the AI but on the re-spawn the patrol triggered properly

Part 1 – Hometown – (Prologue)
The Quarantine Zone – (20 Years Later / Beyond The Wall / The Slums / The Cargo)
The Outskirts – (Outside / Downtown / Museum)

Part 2 – The Outskirts – (The Capitol Building)
Bill’s Town – (The Woods / Safehouse / Graveyard / High School Escape)

Part 3 – Pittsburgh – (Alone and Forsaken / Hotel Lobby / Financial District (capture crashed had to have a slight hard cut near end of chapter)

Part 4 – Pittsburgh – (Escape the City)
The Suburbs – (Sewers / Suburbs)
Tommy’s Dam – (Hydroelectric Dam / Ranch House)

Part 5 – The University – (Go Big Horns / Science Building)
Lakeside Resort – (The Hunt / Cabin Resort)

Part 6 – Lakeside Resort – (Cabin Resort)
Bus Depot – (Highway Exit / Underground Tunnel)
The Firefly Lab – (The Hospital)
Jackson – (Epilogue)

Part 7 – Left Behind dlc – (Back in a Flash / Mallrats / So Close / Fun and Games / The Enemy of My Enemy / Escape from Liberty Gardens)

Part 8 – Grounded (Behind the Scenes)
Bonus Gallery

Part 9 – Cinematics (with audio commentary)

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  1. god I love the way Joel talks especially the part when he and Ellie got into it LOL " you walking on thin ice" lmao!

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  2. this looks like a fucking good ass game

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  3. 28:08 The Clicker With The 450 Swanton Bomb Splash!!!

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  4. 12:43 Ellie is pretending to be holding a gun when in fact it's nothing but air. 😀

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