PS4 – Setting up a Wireless Internet Connection

PS4 – Setting up a Wireless Internet Connection

Video on how to setup a Wireless Internet Connection on the PS4.


1. “Where can I find the Wi-Fi password / key?”
This is usually found on your Wi-Fi router or in the paperwork from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you cannot locate it, please contact your ISP.

2. “Does my PS4 have Wireless?” – Yes, all current PS4 models support both wireless and wired Internet connections.

3. “What is faster wireless or wired?” – Obviously a wired connection is much faster (in most cases). If you can’t get wireless to work, use a wired connection.
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How to improve poor wireless speeds on the Playstation 4.

DNS Servers:

Google Primary: Secondary:
OpenDNS Primary: Secondary:
More can be found here:
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40 Responses to “PS4 – Setting up a Wireless Internet Connection”

  1. Stephen Esquibel dice:


  2. Justin Williams dice:

    everything is connected all but the PlayStation network sign in won't connect what do I do I try to check the psn but it won't let me

  3. Marcos Monterroso dice:

    Thanks for the great video bro.

  4. Marle Peace dice:

    Thanks. I skipped out cause it was such a hassle when I first got my PS4 but it looks like I'm gonna really need it now to get the FFXV chapter 13 patch update. Can't put it off anymore.

  5. Sync956 Wed dice:

    when i saw my wifi i clicked it but it says checking network environment

  6. Corey Allen dice:

    no wifi ever comes for me even though I have wifi in my house.

  7. Ariana Paskar dice:

    Thanks for showing me that but I don't get it why it's not successful with connection

  8. deepash kansal dice:

    tk bro

  9. FuranDuron dice:


  10. x I Wolfy x dice:

    Plz help me I put my internet password correctly and says cannot connect to the Internet, the password might be wrong. What do I do? Does my internet suck idk plz help me

  11. ShuchUp70 dice:


  12. DeathRun571 dice:

    thank !

  13. RC Games dice:

    I tried this but it wont connect

  14. Ben Mitchell TV dice:

    Thanks really helpful

  15. messi1068 dice:

    guys can i use external wifi adapter on ps4? the wifi adapter inside ps4 is shit, i get at least 10 mb per second when i download on pc but on ps4 max i get is 2.

  16. Adam Pro dice:

    thank you very good video

  17. Herogamer Gremax baisan dice:

    Tank men

  18. Ronan Doyle dice:

    thank you

  19. Hasy Don dice:

    Thank you very much you have helped my alot💯

  20. Why Fox dice:

    This guy has my same last name

  21. Ata Mert Demir dice:

    Im here for Destiny Rip me

  22. QT 7F dice:

    thanks, bro ( :

  23. Tribal Wolf dice:

    It went from 7.3 to mbps to 5.5mbps then I used my second wifi and entered it again and it was 6.0

  24. Dino Simoes dice:

    I have like 347 kbps….

  25. Dead Knight dice:

    can some one please explan how to get the drop down menu

  26. Krystian Bochenko dice:

    I did the computer part and now my download is always like 35.9 35.6 34.8 thx so much bro

  27. Yummysushi 10 dice:

    My internet is so bad I have 1.1Mbps

  28. HEADSHOTchance dice:

    This shit don't work you are a bitch ass hoe

  29. Roman Vlad dice:

    Is not working

  30. HighChurro dice:

    There's just no way I can play wireless is their

  31. PandaBurgers dice:

    Sony has openly admitted to putting faulty tech in the PS4 which limits wireless speeds

  32. Super gamer 5 dice:

    Instructions unclear DICK STUCK IN TOASTER

  33. Moon Man dice:

    Ps4 internet connection sucks like I got wifi for all my devices but on the ps4 it works sometimes I had this problem day one my xbox never has connection problems smh

  34. The Killer gaming dice:

    I have 17:5 kb per second

  35. Xx_MLGquickscoper 21 dice:

    Meh just sticking with bad wifi this looks to complicated

  36. Umut Sağlam dice:

    im living in turkey and i have 107.4 kb/s 69.3 kb/s fuck you all

  37. Willy_McPherson dice:

    That's some slow internet, I have 100 and 20 download and upload speeds

  38. Archit Agarwal dice:

    I cant download gunrunning update on gta 5

  39. Archit Agarwal dice:

    My download speed is like 600kb/sec

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