Romero’s Aftermath (Free Horror MMORPG): Watcha Playin’? Gameplay First Look

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Romero’s Aftermath is the new survival horror sandbox MMORPG from the makers of Infestation: Survival Stories. In this game you’ll venture into a world infested with zombies and you’ll have to survive by exploring, scavenging for guns, supplies and crafting materials, building bases and more.

Watcha Playin’? is a FreeMMOStation show where we give you a first look with commentary on the most popular free-to-play MMO games available.

Video made by Skylent Shore:
Intro Music: The Easton Ellises (

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Ib is probably my favorite free horror game but isn’t enough about the SPOOKS for this lists:
Check it out anyway 😛

I also kinda forgot SCP: Containment Breach:

Update note: I’m not that great at making lists! \o/

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  1. like a good guy who need to do his duty. I've pressed the dislike button.
    Lame game. Check around on the net. Enough said.

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  2. can i play with xbox one controller?

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  3. unsubbing this game is total shit u got paid for this and given special access

    Post a Reply
  4. is it like dayz?

    Post a Reply
  5. So how much money are you getting paid, to talk good about this shit game?

    Post a Reply
  6. I've been searching for a long time for this type of game. FINALLY FOUND ONNEEE!!

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  7. I dont know should i download this game or not! But i know that if devs put a bit more work in it (fix glitches/bugs/read reviews and improve it ) then it would be an awesome f2p,but im not sure right now to download it or not,beacuse there are 0% of good reviews(except for a bit in the video comments).

    Should i download it or not? Should i wait for them to improve the game a bit?
    Can some people say something good about this game?

    Post a Reply
  8. omg, your talking to fast xD

    Post a Reply
  9. guys, his is free to play, dont judge it

    Post a Reply
  10. You put more effort lying about this game then the devs put working on it.


    Post a Reply
  11. put the speed setting to 0.5, it makes him sound drunk

    Post a Reply
  12. "Glowing guns, thats so cool!!" …. yeah as if a zombie gon be chasin me n ima be like "shit mister zee, check ma glowin gun" then he be like "raaaa that some SWAG, I'ma not eat you" …..

    Post a Reply
  13. Eventually (or if it has already happened), this will get taken over by hackers

    Post a Reply
  14. Ugh…colorful guns…why

    Post a Reply
  15. nice video man but i would suggest a pop filter for your mike becuase i can hear your keys but overall nice vid +1 sub

    Post a Reply
  16. When i saw it was first person, i finally started to love myself

    Post a Reply
  17. Looks like developers just need to work on this game little more and it could be good

    Post a Reply
  18. My laptop is too shitty. I am at bare minimum settings and frames is 8-10 FPS

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  19. This game doesn't look too bad, I think if we give it time it can become much smoother and nicer to play.

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  20. i heard WARZ creator and promptly down voted lol

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  21. who watching in 2017 xD

    Post a Reply
  22. how is this from 2013

    Post a Reply
  23. This acting is better

    Post a Reply
  24. thanks felix i was looking for a horror game{s} that u played and I'm watching all of them ur the best {not as good as jacksepticeye tho} XD

    Post a Reply
  25. Whos watching dis in 2017….. i miss him like dis D: but i still love his vids

    Post a Reply
  26. youre much more natural now. you used to be so fake its cringy

    Post a Reply
  27. who wathing this in 2017 and miss the old pewdiepie the new pewdiepie suck

    Post a Reply
  28. where's cry of fear?

    Post a Reply
  29. why am I watching this in 2017?

    Post a Reply
  30. I miss old pewdiepie 😭 who's watching from 2017?

    Post a Reply
  31. I miss this PewDiePie

    Post a Reply
  32. Watching in 2017 🙂

    Post a Reply
  33. Who's Watching This in 2017?

    Post a Reply
  34. I watching it in 2017

    Post a Reply

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