Ten of the Strangest MMOs Ever Made

Ten of the Strangest MMOs Ever Made

As with any genre, we’ve our fair share of odd ducks in the world of MMOs. Where other developers try to copy World of Warcraft, the men and women responsible for the creation of these titles have, in many cases, strayed so far off the beaten path one has to wonder if they’re even on the trail anymore.

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19 Responses to “Ten of the Strangest MMOs Ever Made”

  1. ThuleDragon 666 dice:

    tbh I am not weirded out. i hope to find alot of A rated games lel

  2. Scootakip dice:

    Gawd, this was terrible

  3. David Yeakle dice:

    One of your Pangaea screenshots is actually Lineage 2. This is the first video I've seen from this channel, but so far my first impression is that you're completely incompetent.

  4. Exedera dice:

    kinda kink shame-y

  5. OtsdarvaOS dice:

    Damn. They're hitting the Second Life hate horribly. There is so much you can learn from second life, they only focus on the bad. They actually have some college classes for scripting take place in game and of course other things too like animation and digital art, 3D modelling etc etc. Though its mostly scripting since the game has a open script engine where you can make anything at any time and it will fully function. : Hell you can even make money from selling products too that you make out of the game and import into the game. None of these people talking about this game in the video do it justice, its much more then just an outlet for perverts.

  6. Beherit Syriac dice:

    you two don't look like you are feeling very comfortable on camera

  7. Victor Yang dice:

    your face isnt important and your intro is too long less things could get you more views

  8. Left Hand Path dice:

    What about Worlds?

  9. Starry Sky dice:

    Certainly can tell these two are reading off of a monitor. The mispronunciations abound, but it's cool that they are, at leas, trying to feign an interest in what they are talking about. Failing, but trying!

  10. Pars nep dice:

    Second life isnt WEIRD, if second life is weird what should real life be then??.?.?

  11. Vasnic Underpants dice:

    using steparu's clips….

  12. warmfreeze dice:

    Welcome to youtube! LOL

  13. Midi SoundCaster dice:

    You actually spent the time to search for my 1 month old comment just to make a remark like that? Congratulations, now i know what people without a life are like. What's with the unnecessary attack?

  14. misterfam dice:

    masive multiplayer online I think thats what they all are. Idiot…

  15. Asassin Ace dice:

    top 10 porn games -,-

  16. Abhijeet Singh dice:

    i Didnt know i > Suck! oO

  17. epicfilms516 dice:

    Is tale of tales free? It seems nice to play.

  18. Kwstas Damai dice:

    Do not use Lineage][ dark lef photo again

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