The BEST Call of Duty EVER!

The BEST Call of Duty EVER!

The BEST Call of Duty EVER!
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Call of Duty Online is the BEST Call of Duty ever made! so far…

COD Online is a remastered version of Call of Duty 4, World at War, MW2, and Black Ops, but they recently started adding even more content from newer Call of Duty games!

Call of Duty Online has fan favorite guns and maps with updated textures, cyborg zombies (which I’ve yet to play), and human soldiers VS robots! It features some of the best features from older Call of Duty games while adding guns, maps, and new modes to keep the game fresh!

There’s only ONE downside though…it’s only available in China. RIP.

I’m really hoping that a Call of Duty game this great can be made available worldwide for everyone to enjoy, because this is legitimately the best new Call of Duty game I’ve played in a while…

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20 Responses to “The BEST Call of Duty EVER!”

  1. NA NA dice:

    These weapons are actually kind of easy to get,
    The devs usually give them out as prizes or giveaways, weekly for about 7 days, they show up as news articles and you can have a chance to try these guns for free…

    Or pay $75 for it permanently.

  2. Tony dice:

    I don't like cod online because it's just copying the older call of duty and they get so much love for something they didn't make

  3. Edwin dice:

    Well us Chinese gamers hate this game for being represented by tencent, and being a pay to win game. A long time ago when it still belongs to activison, it was the good old times when you can dominate without spending money. Tencent is known for buying games and ruining them by making them pay-to-win. A lot of old codol players I know got very sad and left the game. Tencent ruined it.

  4. psychostriker dice:

    250 to 420 ping? Sounds like my average cod match

  5. Definitely flusha dice:

    This vid was out 1 year ago? Holy shit, time goes by really fast

  6. Wobegein5 6 dice:

    Merk you now that your playing with bots

  7. Dart Curt dice:

    I love that Erik basically turns into a kid while playing cod online

  8. Luis Legaspy dice:

    This year's cod is worse than ghosts( i mean iw not ww2)

  9. kyleboiv dice:

    CoD Online is a different game every fucking week…

  10. DaTbOi dice:

    I live in Serbia and i always get 460 – 510 ping so…

  11. StarKiller420 dice:

    I just downloaded CodOl On the official website, and I'm able to play normally.

  12. StarKiller420 dice:

    Chinese people are so lucky…

  13. Onajeastewart Monique dice:

    I love me some tig old bitties

  14. NiX dice:

    Fuck mane, i was gonna get Call Of Duty Online, but i live in Poland, and i don't wanna play on 400 ping :/

  15. Reeldbook4549 kekd dice:

    top 10 anime intros

  16. William Humes dice:

    All cod games are on one engine the id tech 3 but its modified so i guest its different

  17. Slippy Is My City - dice:


  18. Busted Baker dice:

    I learned Chinese to play this game

  19. Nico Nii dice:

    Lovin' that first second of the video, thanks for the small preview Merk~ <3

  20. MC Pinaplegod dice:

    Cod ghosts is the only cod game with a good campaign.

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