Turning off the Xbox Prank! (PRANK GONE WRONG)

Turning off the Xbox Prank! (PRANK GONE WRONG)


Turning off the Xbox Prank! (PRANK GONE WRONG)

Decided to prank my little brother, And turn off his xbox while he plays WWE And Prank Goes Wrong!
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Today I surprised my little brother with his own Nintendo 3DS, because his Xbox 360 broke that I got him a while ago and I felt bad. If you enjoy this video please be sure to leave a like and a comment, it helps a lot!
Hope you have a great week everyone!

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Just Kidding, love you! :*
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40 Responses to “Turning off the Xbox Prank! (PRANK GONE WRONG)”

  1. Adil Hussain dice:

    Fucking spoilt ass child pattern him up fucking hate that fat son of a bicth

  2. Alex Emece dice:

    not hating but it kinda looks fake

  3. Epicender 12 dice:

    That kid needs a therapist Jesus

  4. Jesus Eduardo Garcia dice:

    Bro he is métale

  5. Sick Films dice:

    Fake as shit

  6. Jefferson Cruz dice:

    Your little brothers ungrateful lmao

  7. Gamewrecker dice:

    Dude walks like a penguin

  8. KMC Gaming dice:

    I dont evan think that controller was on….

  9. SargeCardinal AKA Boi29051 -_- dice:

    Lol why is he raging?? He can always turn on the Xbox

  10. Drasticgrub772 Lolz dice:

    This kid has some anger issues

  11. XxShutDaFakUpxX Gta Gamer dice:

    Adopt this kid

  12. Blazing Rosx dice:

    that kid is ugly

  13. nate Montie dice:

    i wouldnt call this a prank

  14. Chase Powderly dice:

    He just could've gotten right back on…

  15. Rundy pants dice:

    Shit 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 him

  16. willer best dice:

    he looks like Elliot in Ben phillips

  17. pghs tv dice:

    fack your son of a betch brother why don't you punch him

  18. Marc Boutros dice:

    1:08, who the fuck smiles when they're mad

  19. jk dice:

    It's not a prank when you actually do it.

  20. The Blue Pixel dice:


  21. GlowStone thisissomethign dice:

    OVER 9000!!!! 5:42

  22. SuperMarioLogan Fan dice:

    Cool but where's my 3ds

  23. FuzzyRaichuRoxYT {Starco,Jokes,Gaming,Fun & More!} dice:

    awwwh i dont think that surprising your little bro with stuff is bad! his reactions just makes my day <3

  24. CheezeItzAlly dice:

    who saw the ghost ball of light on the right at 0:42 ????

  25. Andrew Kim dice:

    I respect you master of luck

  26. Erik Ayala dice:

    FUCK people that hate master of luck giveing his little brother stuff

  27. straight face gamer dice:

    1 hour? I mean that's really short

  28. Nadia Nunez love aliens dice:

    Meh 😕

  29. Clorox Bleach dice:

    Don't listen to the hates, he's a gorgeous little kid, and you are an awesome and amazing brother ❤️
    Also, your new haircut is great😊❤️

  30. Myah Hughes dice:

    Your such a sweet brother I wish I were my bro

  31. Tariq Isa Al Hammadi dice:

    Master of luck your awesome

  32. Kaden Capps dice:

    4:30 your so spoiled

  33. Mrs Puff Thinking About The Line At Walmart dice:

    His xbox broke in a month..

    My computer broke in a few days. A 7 year old can take care of an item better than me..

  34. Master Cake dice:

    I feel like his nose is full and I tried to get the snot out of mine XD

  35. Dazz3449 dice:

    that kid is lucky as my brothers have done fore is:………. Nothing at all

  36. Supermariogamingandplushproductions 1540 dice:

    Not a NINTEDO 3ds

  37. Cinnamon Roll dice:

    his happiness is OVER 9000!!!!!!

  38. Bert Pastorius dice:

    who else thought in head your not ugly

  39. Justin Alhwayek dice:

    I wish I had a younger brother

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