Xbox One – Elite vs Scuf Controller Review

Xbox One – Elite vs Scuf Controller Review

Xbox One - Elite vs Scuf Controller Review




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Xbox Elite Controller Review

The Xbox One Elite controller has been labeled by many as a cool, yet grossly overpriced peripheral. But does Luke think that its awesome features justify the high price?

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40 Responses to “Xbox One – Elite vs Scuf Controller Review”

  1. Lincoln Berbert dice:

    Yoooo, dude I took a few months break from halo and I'm just coming back…… I'm excited to start competing again but the controller issues have been big bc every 6 months I have to drop another $150-$200 but with the idea of 2 year Best Buy warranty for $20 I'm set! Thanks so much dude! 🙂 and hope to see u online in matchmaking soon 😉

  2. Javi Duarte dice:

    Ez. Don't be extremely aggressive with a controller.

  3. no panic! dice:

    dislike! save your ass for SONICFOX! IDIOT

  4. Faisal Shehzad dice:

    My left bumper is broken

  5. Trace Johnson dice:

    After the left bumper broke on my default controller, I've been seriously contemplating between the SCUF and Elite controllers. I was leaning toward the Elite, till I heard the LB was problematic. A lot of comments seem to confirm that. Now I'm thinking about swapping to a PS4 haha j/k. Why is the left bumper such an issue though? I mean, why is it more susceptible to failure than the right bumper? Just curious if there's an answer.

  6. Fark Googol dice:

    Does the elite work on Windows 10? Does it need a bluetooth adapter?

  7. Brian Sanchez dice:

    the moment you say scuff is durable……I was like dafuqqq? !

  8. voodoochild78x dice:

    If you play claw then you positively have a need for paddles playing claw WRECKS your cartilage. Paddles were literally invented forr that reason so noone had to play claw anymore lol

  9. Exilty dice:

    U made 44$ from this video

  10. Greshman dice:

    A major design flaw exists with the Elite. The left bumper breaks invariably after 1-3 months use due to the use of a thin plastic hinge that connects the left and right bumper. I've been through 3 now. Frustrating because it's an otherwise great controller.

  11. cal dice:

    the paddles get in the way of the grip on with an elite. and the scuff gives you more space for grip. I'm going with the elite just because of extra modifications I can use in the settings of my counsel

  12. Kristof Saar dice:

    I completely agree with the comments made about the Elite Controller. I am on my 5th Elite Controller now and I am thankful I got the warrenty. By no means am I an aggressive gamer and I have never thrown or hit my controller, its just a lot more fragile than any controller I have ever played with.

  13. kojot0976 dice:

    I had exactly opposite issue. SCUF broke after 5 weeks. Elite still holding on.

  14. Miguel Boykin dice:

    What an intro….

  15. SatanWhale dice:

    I've had my elite for over a year, no problem with it, amazing product

  16. Nikos Kontraros dice:

    you can customize your Xbox one elite controller in colorware btw you can try it

  17. Brandon Theisen dice:

    All that being said, what controller do you have?

  18. Uechi Ryuk dice:

    My elite controller has been super durable for me. Ive had it for over a year or two and no issues, I have big hands and only can use one paddle on right side cause I wrap my hands pretty heavily around the controller. I just use the small paddle on right side for A button, usually. I was disappointed that it felt so weird with all paddles, but I'm assuming it will be like that with scufs as well? because I wrap around the controller so much

  19. Env dice:

    I play bumper jumper and I need to keep replacing my controller every 4 weeks it's always the left bumper that breaks.

  20. AsianInvasion dice:

    i feel like microsoft purposely fucks up a few out of the controllers they make on purpose. when you get used to the elite, you're not going to want to go back to a default, hence you cough up another 150.

  21. OCLoc dice:

    Does anyone know if the left analog stick is more durable on these? All standard Xbox One controllers go to shit pretty much straight away when it comes to clicking the left stick in and moving it around etc.

  22. John C dice:

    It wouldn't have been overpriced if it was reliable but it's not…There are lots of complaints that is plagued by the same left analog stick issues like the standard controller. Come on Microsoft, please be serious

  23. Shelby Jovenni dice:

    Just another defective controller… not badass, not revolutionary, it's overpriced…

  24. billyhatcher643 dice:

    why doesnt sony make a controller like that id fucking buy that controller in a heart beat

  25. Mk 42 dice:

    Fuck Xbox go playstation

  26. Dylan Ladner dice:

    um…if i hadn't known any better, i'd say that the xbox 360 dpad is the best dpad in all of controllers

  27. zetastein der objektophilistische blattumdreher dice:

    The beginning of the video is literally the whole review m8 xD

  28. Unknown Dingo dice:

    I customized mine and I made it $400

  29. Riffat Awan dice:

    say xbone again and I will find you and break all your bones

  30. Ryan Byer dice:

    I just wish the rubber things under the buttons didn't break all the time

  31. Inhuman0 dice:

    The only glaring flaw of this controller are the bumpers who break far too easily compared to the vanilla controllers.

    If you intend to buy this controller buy a warranty to go with it.


    Pc in your room is so 1995. My s8 is more powerful than most PC's…I play xbox and are happy with it. Can't wait for Xbox one X. That will play native 4k.


    I had it. I sold it. The quality is not only made in china but designed in china.

  34. Bob Ferguson Gameplay dice:

    no Windows 8.1 support for most features. Fuck my life.

  35. MicBROWNIE dice:

    The design is still stupid why can't they have it like the ps4 where the controls are aligned

  36. HyperiusLight dice:

    Fuck that I got a power a controller for 29.99 so much better and good for pc

  37. Memey Steamy dice:

    This controller is amazing I've had it for 2 years about and I've never had a problem id highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good high-end controller

  38. TheBanjoShow dice:

    For $150 that controller better be able to talk to me and make me breakfast

  39. TheBanjoShow dice:

    fuck i thought 3:27 was a joke for like 1 second lmao

  40. Colin Davis dice:

    you do know that you cant turn the paddles on the back off by hitting the sync button twice

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