“ZOMBIES CHRONICLES” Price & Xbox One/PC Release Date Discussion: BO3 Zombies Chronicles Speculation

“ZOMBIES CHRONICLES” Price & Xbox One/PC Release Date Discussion: BO3 Zombies Chronicles Speculation

Welcome back to another video! In this video im going to be talking about the price and release date for Zombies Chronicles on Black Ops 3!

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8 Days of the Undead Trailer- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQsRVGwnQd8&t=5s
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40 Responses to ““ZOMBIES CHRONICLES” Price & Xbox One/PC Release Date Discussion: BO3 Zombies Chronicles Speculation”

  1. Raptor Primal dice:

    It's the 16th of fucking june. fuck you treyarch

  2. Conner Powell dice:

    If it wasn't going to be on Xbox I would've cut my penis off

  3. Chapstick Gaming dice:

    Maybe 20 to 25 dars

  4. ImThe0dd0ne dice:

    You hit 1k congrats xD!

  5. Proximity dice:

    15 – Mine Mine 20 – Eh. 25 – Yus. 30 – I payed for season pass go fuck yourself Treyarch.

  6. Nicola Bonazza dice:

    I'm italian, please i haven't understand, when did the 5th dlc will release? For xbox one

  7. DylanThePickle dice:

    I am on pc 🙁

  8. Stanton Gaming dice:

    Good Job

  9. GameGlitches/Hacks dice:

    ure fucking dumb u say jc has a small channel even though u only have 995 subs

  10. savage mood dice:

    it might be 30 cause 4+4=8 and 4 maps are 15 dollars

  11. TheGamingYoutuber dice:

    Liked and subscribed 👍👍

  12. NBgames dice:

    30 dollers forr 4 maps = 15doller plus 4 = 30 dollers

  13. Melody McEntee dice:

    I'm going to say it…..I'm going to say it…….I'm going to say it……

    Fuck you Treyarch

  14. frostedflame 05 dice:

    it's so unfair ps4 gets it first coz they are only supposed to get 4 d-l-c s early

  15. Pixel Errorz dice:

    0:23 voice crack

  16. Stoney.3k dice:

    Why do you sound like that

  17. Halo E dice:

    rip me… all my friends sold their ps4s and moved to xbox one so i bought one but i still have my ps4. now i have to wait and rebuy the game and dlcs and 30 extra for chronicles and finally i lose all my progress on stats easter eggs weapon kits camos and junk

  18. BTRAYZ dice:

    wow nice bo3 vid!! I play this game in ps4 add me? 🙂

  19. WHITE WOLF dice:

    GCSEs :C

  20. Husky XVI dice:

    I can't wait for this!! 😀

  21. EXOTIC SNIPES dice:

    r u retarded

  22. Eric dice:

    Refrain from making predictions. This was terrible

  23. TOJC HD dice:

    This guy is thick

  24. Chronicwings 18 dice:

    Beast we should play zombies one day I also have an Xbox

  25. DezeFTW dice:

    Do you have a Xbox?

  26. Zana Gafoor dice:

    Lol I like how other people are being dumb asses and saying that hes a dumbass, ITS A FUCKING THEORY PEOPLE CMON U FUCK TARDS, He Didn't Know

  27. Josh Josh dice:

    June 16 or 15 always a month after PS4 gets it

  28. NumberOneJuggie dice:

    he said 8 bc theres 8 maps and it will be here jun 13-20

  29. ZXC_W Watson dice:

    Take a shot every time he says 8

  30. The Gaming Donut dice:

    It's June 6

  31. That One Guy dice:

    Who's background gameplay did you steal

  32. Amanda Miller dice:

    your a fucking retard beast

  33. Amanda Miller dice:

    it's coming out June 16

  34. Vesperdeath132 dice:

    Its always 30days after the release on ps4
    Xbox one release date is june 15

  35. Funny Moment Bv dice:

    16 june dumbass

  36. A GamersHeart dice:

    Where and how do you think like this…

  37. Luke dice:

    Bruh… just bruh…

  38. XxGamingxX Glitches,Hacks,and more dice:

    @Jake Elisius you must be retarded.

  39. XxLL GAMINGxX dice:

    So dumb

  40. HENLEYCHEESMAN 27 red clan dice:

    16th yol you sub me for a shoutout and you got my sub i see you put a lot of effort in so credits to you bro

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