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Most popular 3ds games

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy   3DS

Genre: Sports / Role

Release date: Year 2018

Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy, new installment of its saga of soccer games and role based on the manga of the same name. As usual, the title comes in two editions to Nintendo 3DS, one titled Big / Bang and another titled Supernova. Once again, we will find exciting matches, full of impossible moves, crazy strategies and lots of action.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age   3DS

Genre: Role

Release date: Year 2018

Dragon Quest XI for PS4 is the eleventh installment of the RPG series Dragon Quest, which will reach the 30th anniversary of the saga. The game follows the style and combat system of the previous ones, and also has PS4 version, but this 3DS version combines 3D graphics on the upper screen with 2D graphics on the lower one.


Dragon Quest X   3DS

Genre: Multi Online / Role

Release date: Year 2018

Dragon Quest X for 3DS is the tenth installment of the popular Square Enix series. This will be the first of all in making the leap to the genre of the massive multiplayer role, MMORPG. The games published for Wii and WiiU have the characteristic of being able to combine the same player account for both titles. This edition of Dragon Quest will be different from its Japanese counterpart adapting to the western market.


Monster Hunter XX   3DS

Genre: Action / Role

Release date: Year 2018

Monster Hunter XX is now available Japan exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. This new release is an extended and improved version of Monster Hunter Generations that will add two new hunting styles and the demanded G Range, along with new weapons, skills and maps to hunt. In addition, it incorporates new collaborations, suits and armor. Its launch in the West has not been confirmed at the moment.


Yo-Kai Watch 3   3DS

Genre: Adventure

Release date: Year 2018

Yo-Kai Watch 3 for 3DS is the third installment of this successful series of RPGs and capture of Japanese monsters created by Level-5. This time his plot presents two different stories, that of Keita (Nathan in its western version), the usual protagonist of the series, and that of Inaho Misora, a new girl who will also be able to enjoy the main role. The first big difference between the two stories is that Keita’s will take place in a fictional town in the United States called St. Peanutsburg, while Inaho’s will take place in Sakura New Town, the city of the two previous installments.


Detective Pikachu   3DS

Genre: Puzzle / Adventure

Release date: 3/23/2018

Detective Pikachu is a new spin-off for the Nintendo 3DS eShop of the successful monster collecting and collecting saga of Game Freak. This time we will find a graphic adventure starring a quite peculiar Pikachu able to speak. In it we will have to help you solve a mysterious case, which will lead us to look for clues and analyze them to arrive later at the conclusions that take us to the next piece of the puzzle. This game will also serve as the main source of inspiration for the first Pokémon film starring real actors.


Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux   3DS

Genre: Role

Release date: 5/18/2018

In this version of the original game of Nintendo DS for Nintendo 3DS will be introduced technical improvements such as revised graphics and voices for all dialogues of the characters. There will also be playable changes: the balance of the title is improved and users will be allowed to save their progress inside the dungeons.


Person Q 2   3DS

Genre: Role

Release date: Year 2018

Person Q 2 is the continuation of Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth, which was launched in 2014 and crossed the heroes of the saga in its role proposal. On this occasion, and for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console, it will use characters from the recent Persona 5.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X   3DS

Genre: Strategy / Role

Release date: Year 2018

This is the third installment for Nintendo 3DS of a prolific strategic saga based on combats of collectible cards that has delighted in arcades, with mergers and unprecedented aspects never seen in the animated series. In total we will have more than 3,300 cards available to collect, their different playable mechanics have been polished and improved to offer more agile and strategic combats and we will find a large number of new characters created exclusively for the game.


The Alliance Alive

Genre: Role

Release date: 3/27/2018

The Alliance Alive is a role-playing and fantasy video game for Nintendo 3DS consoles. Of marked Japanese character, will take us to a world that has been divided by a mysterious distortion of magical origin and our mission is to restore normality in this world while we draw all kinds of tests and dangers. The Alliance Alive will introduce us to nine main characters, with whom we will have the possibility to progress changing from one character to another in such a way that the story is narrated from the perspective of each one of them.