Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Android)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the first foray of the animal simulator Nintendo social on mobile devices. Players can download this free to play title on their compatible iOS or Android smartphone, where there is no other objective to manage and personalize a camp full of friendly campers from all corners of the animal kingdom – many of them, like Tota Keke, Tom Nook or Al and Paca, they are all veterans of the saga.

In this way, it is entirely possible to decorate our plot as we like, collecting furniture that we buy or exchange with our neighbors, or even build new facilities once we get along well enough with them and have enough materials. The management of the inventory and of the camp itself in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp are subject to certain limitations that can be avoided using leaf tickets, the premium currency of the game, which can be obtained by completing commissions and tasks for those who prefer to leave the microtransactions aside.



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