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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Android)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the first foray of the animal simulator Nintendo social on mobile devices. Players can download this free to play title on their compatible iOS or Android smartphone, where there is no other objective to manage and personalize a camp full of friendly campers from all corners of the animal kingdom – […]


Middle Earth: Shadows of War (Android)

The Middle-Earth: Shadows of War also debuts on iOS and Android devices offering a video game in isometric perspective where, with the help of a new ring of power and other minors, Talion must stand up to the armies of Sauron in trepidantes battles in real time. The video game allows you to command and equip […]


Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Android)

Minecraft, more than a simple videogame, is a social phenomenon. The second best-selling game in history behind Tetris is a sandbox designed by Markus «Notch» Persson and developed by Mojang, later acquired by Microsoft. The proposal invites players to survive, create and explore an open world procedurally generated, divided into biomes and composed entirely by blocks, both […]


Dragon Quest VIII (Android)

Videojuego perteneciente a la serie Dragon Quest que traslada el ya clásico de PlayStation 2 a plataformas móviles. Apartados gráficos y de control debidamente actualizados para las nuevas plataformas, el título forma parte del plan de Square Enix de lanzar los ocho primeros Dragon Quest en smartphones y tabletas. [su_divider] [su_posts posts_per_page=»3″ tax_term=»28″ order=»desc» orderby=»rand»] […]


Marvel Superhero Battle (Android)

A new clash of Marvel heroes in which to demonstrate hand to hand who is the most powerful being in the universe. Put yourself in the shoes of Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk or Thor and become the most powerful titan of the American cartoons.   [su_divider] [su_posts posts_per_page=»3″ tax_term=»28″ order=»desc» orderby=»rand»]


PC Soccer 2018 (Android)

 PC 2018 football is the return, after ten years of absence, of this mythical series of video games developed by the now defunct Dinamic Multimedia. This football manager gives us the opportunity to take the reins of a football team, belonging to nine different leagues, which we must take to the top managing their finances and […]


Fire Emblem Heroes (Android)

Join Askr Defenders to save your kingdom from destruction! Fire Emblem Heroes takes the popular role-playing saga to mobile devices (iOS and Android), allowing battles designed to be played on the touch screen and anywhere. Summon heroes from different worlds in the series, perfect their skills and take them to victory.   [su_divider] [su_posts posts_per_page=»3″ tax_term=»28″ order=»desc» orderby=»rand»]


Age of Empires World Domination (Android)

Age of Empires series mobile game that features factions such as the Celts, Huns, Vikings and Franks, and offers a «new reimagined battle system for mobile devices.»   [su_divider] [su_posts posts_per_page=»3″ tax_term=»28″ order=»desc» orderby=»rand»]

slitherio- (Android) is a videogame in the form of a viral phenomenon, with references to the classic Snake and after the wake of, where players are some worms with the clearing in order to increase our size (and score). As such we must devour some colored balls arranged by the map, or destroy other users in […]


GTA: San Andreas (Android)

The game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas takes us to California, 90s. Carl Jonson, aka CJ, returns to his hometown to attend his mother’s funeral after spending five long years in Liberty City. Although he did not have the slightest intention of being dragged back by street life, circumstances will force him to embark on a […]