God Eater Online (Android)

God Eater Online for smartphones marks the release of this Bandai Namco franchise on mobile devices. The game bet on online adventure under the free-to-play business model giving players the option to share experiences with others as if it were an MMO. His combat system and the development of the missions is similar to that of the main deliveries of the series, including the possibility of enhancing the skills of our hero by modifying his stats with experience points and new battle equipment.

 Video God Eater Online

Stylish battle action with high speed!
Arrange the operation feeling of «God Eater» towards smartphones!
High-speed and stylish battle will be unfolded!

■ Come fight with the fellow with the battlefield intensifying!
Cooperate with other players who share the field
Defeat the mighty Aragami that gathers!
Sometimes chat with each other at branches and have fun!

■ Raise the level of eclipsing enemies, strengthen the god machine and aim for further height!
In addition to strengthening the status by raising the level by the experience value that could catch the fallen Alagami
By strengthening and equipping the god machine with the collected materials
Customize according to your style!

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