GTA: San Andreas (Android)

The game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas takes us to California, 90s. Carl Jonson, aka CJ, returns to his hometown to attend his mother’s funeral after spending five long years in Liberty City. Although he did not have the slightest intention of being dragged back by street life, circumstances will force him to embark on a frantic adventure struggling to keep his family, his band and his own life.

GTA San Andreas is the third installment in 3D of the Rockstar saga, which stands out for the great freedom offered by its immense and open open environment, both to help others and to cause chaos. The mechanism of the video game leads us to perform missions to climb steps in the ranks of organized crime and get more money and reputation than anyone else. How? With action, shooting, driving, chases and its open world in which the player can swim, dive and climb walls among thousands of possibilities. The innumerable tricks of GTA San Andreas, its mods, its controversy and, of course, the bestial soundtrack make the Rockstar game one of the most important releases of its time

Still to this day, more than a decade after its release for PS2, the program remains one of the most iconic deliveries of the GTA saga. His amazing cast, with names like Samuel L. Jackson, Ice-T or James Woods, was also especially remembered; however, the most remarkable thing is the monstrous size and sense of scale of what is probably the largest GTA to date.


Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition-Android

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition-Android

Relive the story of Noctis and his friends in this adventure action and role for mobile devices and Windows 10. In Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition we have the opportunity to explore the world of Eos from a different point of view, facing its action wherever we want thanks to the renewed control system presented […]

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Pokémon GO (Android)

  Pokemon Go is a free augmented reality application for mobile that allows you to register and locate Pokémon in the real world, offering a gaming experience that goes “beyond the screen” and that includes, for the coaches, the possibility of getting hold of a wrist device that connects to the app via Bluetooth and […]

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Marvel Superhero Battle (Android)

A new clash of Marvel heroes in which to demonstrate hand to hand who is the most powerful being in the universe. Put yourself in the shoes of Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk or Thor and become the most powerful titan of the American cartoons.   Comments Related posts: Pokémon GO (Android) Resident Evil 4 (Android) Harry […]

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