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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (Android)

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is nothing less than a new videogame from the creators of the successful Pokémon GO. It takes you to the lands of Hogwarts to enjoy the most popular school of magic and sorcery in the world. Spells, fantastic creatures and all the magic of Harry Potter in a collaboration between Niantic and Warner Bros. to make reality the universe JK Rowling in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.


Age of Empires World Domination (Android)

Age of Empires series mobile game that features factions such as the Celts, Huns, Vikings and Franks, and offers a “new reimagined battle system for mobile devices.”   Comments Related posts: Clash Royale (Android) Fire Emblem Heroes (Android) Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Android) Star Wars: Rise to Power (Android)

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Dragon Quest VIII (Android)

Videojuego perteneciente a la serie Dragon Quest que traslada el ya clásico de PlayStation 2 a plataformas móviles. Apartados gráficos y de control debidamente actualizados para las nuevas plataformas, el título forma parte del plan de Square Enix de lanzar los ocho primeros Dragon Quest en smartphones y tabletas.   Comments Related posts: No related […]

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Middle Earth: Shadows of War (Android)

The Middle-Earth: Shadows of War also debuts on iOS and Android devices offering a video game in isometric perspective where, with the help of a new ring of power and other minors, Talion must stand up to the armies of Sauron in trepidantes battles in real time. The video game allows you to command and equip […]

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