Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour , the title that saw the light for the first time in the year 1992 will land on Android and iOS, to delight users of both platforms with the craziest and fun races.

However, the Japanese company did not disclose much information about it, beyond confirming that the game would arrive, at the latest, in March 2019, without going into details about what would be the tactic chosen to distribute the game . Something that worried the followers of the developer company, especially after the semi failure of Super Mario Run.

But today, as they tell us from MovilZona , new details have been confirmed about the future of Mario Kart Tour , specifically about the financing method chosen by Nintendo when it comes to distributing its new creation.

Mario Kart Tour will be a free-to-start game, not free-to-play

According to Takashi Mochizuki of the Wall Street Journal, the CEO of DeNA, a Japanese company responsible for the development of the game, has assured that Mario Kart Tour will be a free-to-start game . That is, it will be possible to download and play the first levels of the game for free, but to be able to advance and get all the extras, you have to go through the box. Does it sound like something?

In effect, this is the same strategy that Nintendo already used with Super Mario Run. The Japanese decided to follow a path that users of mobile devices are not too accustomed to when downloading games, because although it was possible to download it for free , we could only play the first levels, since in order to advance it would be necessary to make an outlay from 9.99 euros.