monster hunter world ps4

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is the arrival of the Monster Hunter saga to game platforms such as PS4, Xbox One and PC. The hunting of monsters Capcom had never looked so good until this game that includes all the elements that made the franchise great, only adding important new features such as new species to hunt (for example Anjanath), new objects to collect, the possibility of that the monsters can fight each other randomly, a map totally connected to each other that maintains the identity between zones or the possibility of forming a team with up to three hunters with a new online multiplayer drop-in system, which allows interregional cooperative play between Japan and the West , combining the base of players for the first time.


Like other Monster Hunter, it has a clear random reward system in its playable experience, thus avoiding the controversial Booty Boxes.


In short: Monster Hunter World has swords, armor, collection of elements, ferocious beasts, a living world …. Pure Monster Hunter but with less long introductions and a very updated control system.




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