Ni No Kuni ll Revenat Kingdom ps4

Ni No Kuni ll Revenat Kingdom

Ni No Kuni ll Revenat Kingdom  when it launches on ps4 on the 23rd of March this sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed role players of the last decade is set hundreds of years after its predecessor so don’t worry if you never played the original ninokuni 2 is a brand new story with a fresh cast of characters although series veterans will be familiar with the gorgeous studio ghibli inspired world in which it’s set you control Evan petty whisker children are young boy on a quest to reclaim his throne naturally this means battling hordes of magical nasties hiking across a beautiful and varied open world and teaming up with a band of ragtag adventurers classic JRPG fair but executed with expert flair by developer level 5 basically get ninokuni to revenant Kingdom on your wish list


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