upcoming free to play ps4 games 2018

top 9 upcoming free to play ps4 games 2017-2018 new f2p playstation 4-games to play

free to play ps4 games have always been a big part of gaming but for a long time there were more focused towards PC and mobile platforms lately the PlayStation 4 has been a solid home for some quality free-to-play title so in this video we’ll be taking a look at nine big upcoming ps4 free-to-play games let’s get right into this number 9 death such that sales picked you in the role of a Reaper and you have to retrieve the spirits of the dying to protect them from the forces of the solar click cards to gain powerful attacks with a cast of quirky characters filled with choices in a richly designed 2d that sells is currently in beta with a full release to come sometime in the future

nine great upcoming free ps4 games Let’s go into this


upcoming free to play ps4 games 2018

Death Tales (Full Release)


death stories that sales chose you in the role of a Reaper and you have to recover the spirits of the dying to protect them from the forces of solar click cards to obtain powerful attacks, embark on missions with a cast of extravagant characters full of options in a profusely designed 2D world that sells is currently in open beta with a full release to come at some point in the future

Brawlhalla (Full Release)


 brawlhalla brawlhalla is a platformer fighters supporting up to 8 players featuring over 30 characters brawlhalla is a Persky fighter with a lot of depth and in this gameplay options featuring ranked 1v1 matches to v2 matches 4 player free-for-all and 4v4 you can also play the game locally which is great brawlhalla is currently in early access

Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics

number seven hand of the gods my tactic and of the gods fighting tactics to the card game where you have to carefully choose which minions to deploy across the battlefield of which God’s will lead them every unit has unique abilities and players are to build their armies prior to battles my tactics is currently in closed beta

Paragon (Full Release)

Paragon Paragon is a mobile by Epic Games powered by the Unreal Engine 4 and right away you can see that visually this game is above your standard mode look there a third person on the maps are asymmetrical with a base located at opposite end you need to defeat the enemy team and destroy the core in their face pretty standard stuff the game supports up to 10 players and currently Paragon is an open beta you

Paladins (Full Release)

paladins paladin’s champions of the realm is free to play hero shooter developed by hi-rez Studios who are famous for a smite each character known as a champion in paladins different roles not a front line damage support or flank you need to rely on strategy character knowledge and coordination to reach victory paladin’s currently in open beta

Fortnite – Becomes F2P sometime in 2018

 four fortnight fortnight is a sandbox survival game all about exploration scavenging items crafting weapons building structures and fighting waves of Majin it’s an interesting mix of styles of gameplay currently you can pay to get into the early access but it will be free in 2018 the

Tera ps4


Tara has been a staple one copy about PC I’m the most but it’s now headed its way over to the PlayStation 4 sarah has your standard MMO mechanics questing crafting PvP the real standout of Tara is the gameplay however it’s got a third-person real-time battle system that’s action-heavy done a lot of fun you have to actively dodge enemy attacks and it creates an engaging MMO gameplay experience which sometimes is hard to get down sara is coming to ps4 this year

 GWENT The Witcher Card Game

witcher card game the witcher 3 was a phenomenal game and one of the standout features of the game was a sweat mini card game well CD Projekt RED has taken gwen and made its own full-featured game out of it and its really good card games are scarce on the ps4 so when tis a very nice addition to the ps4 the library that’s currently an open beta for you to check out how you to your total score the player with the highest score wins the round and your goal is to win two rounds against your opponent simple right here’s the catch your opponent in you each get only ten cards at the start of a game and you’ll draw only a very limited number of cards as play progresses that means you have to play smart you have to block and in some cases you may want to lose a battle in order to win the war


 dreadnought is a combat flight simulator by jäger development you assume the role of a captain of a large spacecraft and use projectile weapons to attack there are several classes of ships each with drawbacks and advantages and categories such as speed of size the ships are huge and intended to give the feel of being a commander there’s a lot of strategy to the game and positioning plays a big part but not is coming in 2017

Dauntless free to play


Dauntless is a cooperative RPG action game for PC currently in early access.

Fight ferocious Behemoths, create powerful weapons, and forge your legend on the Fragmented Islands