World War Z (Android)

Video game based on the movie World War Z that presents 28 visceral levels, with various puzzles, putting at our disposal different weapons and armor that can be updated and improved.


Pokémon GO (Android)

  Pokemon Go is a free augmented reality application for mobile that allows you to register and locate Pokémon in the real world, offering a gaming experience that goes “beyond the screen” and that includes, for the coaches, the possibility of getting hold of a wrist device that connects to the app via Bluetooth and […]

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Star Wars: Rise to Power (Android)

Decide the fate of the galaxy! In Star Wars: Rise to Power we have the opportunity to join the war between the Empire and the New Republic from the prism of the strategy, with a videogame for iOS and Android devices that proposes us to build a space fleet with which to crush the enemies in […]

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Fire Emblem Heroes (Android)

Join Askr Defenders to save your kingdom from destruction! Fire Emblem Heroes takes the popular role-playing saga to mobile devices (iOS and Android), allowing battles designed to be played on the touch screen and anywhere. Summon heroes from different worlds in the series, perfect their skills and take them to victory.   Comments Related posts: Clash Royale (Android) […]

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